Wrongful death suit filed against High School football coach

Parents of a high school football player who died this summer of heat exhaustion have filed a wrongful death suit against the football coach. In addition, the Pleasure Ridge Park football Coach, Jason Stinson, has been charged with reckless homicide in the 15-hear-old teenager’s death. Stinson has plead not guilty.

According to a report in the Courier-Journal.com, a newspaper serving Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana, the player, Max Gilpan, collapsed on August 20th of heat stroke and died three days later. His core body temperature was 107 degrees.

The coach was not allowed to testify before the Jefferson County Grand jury, however, the grand jury did not find Stinson’s actions intentional or malicious. They indicted him for reckless homicide because he “failed to perceive a risk that a reasonable person in that situation would have seen.”

The report said that Gilpan and another player collapsed during a training run when the heat index was 94 degrees. The other player spent two days in the hospital. Witnesses say that the players were denied water and that they were told they had to run until someone quit the team.

This case will certainly be one that many coaches, players and parents of young athletes will be watching.

Washington State has a wrongful death statute which allows surviving relatives such as a parent, spouse or child to bring a civil suit on behalf of their deceased loved one. In wrongful death cases, the family of the deceased may recover damages against the person whose negligence caused the family member’s death.

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  1. Herman says:

    Check out the H.O.T. system. Its a heat monitoring device that sits in a football player’s helmet, and relays temperature wirelessly to a PDA. Has been featured on CNN, Associated Press, and other news stations.