Woodinville doctor loses license after botched surgery

The Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission has suspended the medical license of Virginia T. Stevens (MD00030208), a Woodinville surgeon practicing in King County, indefinitely for the following reasons:

  • Abusing alcohol
  • Keeping inadequate patient records
  • Engaging in sex with a patient
  • Practicing medicine after agreeing with the State to cease practice
  • Failing to provide direct supervision of employees at a medical facility where she served as medical director.

The Seattle PI.com reports that problems with Stevens began in 2004 when she let an unlicensed employee use a laser to remove leg hair from a patient; The patient suffered burns and scarring in that case.

More recently, Stevens allowed an unlicensed employees administer Botox injections.

The PI says the most serious allegation against Stevens occurred when she botched a surgery on a female patient’s breasts. Stevens apparently performed a non-FDA approved procedure on the patient’s breasts to lift them. The patient suffered pain after the surgery and deformities. Because Stevens’ surgical note taking and documentation was so poor, says the PI, the surgeon performing repairs had difficulty.

Patients who have suffered serious injuries due to medical mistakes can file a medical malpractice claim. To be successful, a medical malpractice lawsuit needs to show that a surgeon’s mistake did not provide the patient with a standard level of care.

Surgical mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. Approximately 225,000 people die every year in the United States due to surgical medical malpractice.

This information is provided by The Farber Law Group, a Washington personal injury firm who representing victims of medical and surgical malpractice. With our help, you may recover compensation for your damages.

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