Woman wins $7 million in nursing home neglect lawsuit

A Lexington, Kentucky jury awarded Grace Fugate $7 million in finding that Hillcrest Nursing home was negligent in the accident that damaged her knee.

Fugate entered the nursing home in July of 2003 when she was only 67 to recover from a knee surgery. In August of the same year, she asked for help going to the restroom but an nursing aide refused to help her and told her she could help herself. It was at this point that Fugate fell.

After Fugate fell, she lost so much blood that she had to be resuscitated. Her knee never recovered and she eventually had to have her leg amputated.

In her nursing home negligence lawsuit, Fugate’s attorney argued that the nursing home aide was unqualified and had a poor work history. The jury agreed with this argument and made the award to Fugate.

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WKYT Woman wins $7 million in lawsuit against nursing home
Reported by Phil Pendleton Posted July 2, 2010

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