Woman suffers head injuries after falling 2 stories from WSU fraternity fire escape

The Seattle Times reports that a woman underwent surgery at a Spokane hospital after she suffered head injuries when she fell two stories from a Washington State University (WSU) Fraternity fire escape in Pullman.

The accident occurred around 2am Sunday morning at the Theta XI fraternity house. The woman told police she thought the fire escape had stairs instead of a ladder. Police say no alcohol was involved.

Located five minutes from the University of Washington, we have kept apprised of all the fall accidents that have occurred at that University. In the past 25 years, there have been 11 falls, resulting in 6 deaths and 5 cases of severe injuries including broken backs and necks. You might want to read “University of Washington look at death and injury falls at fraternities and dorms

We are glad this young woman was not killed and hope that she recovers from her injuries with no long lasting effects.

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