Woman sentenced to 25 years in prison for stealing from senior citizens

Yolanda Denice Pouncey was sentenced to 25 years in prison by Pierce County Superior Court Judge Susan Serko for preying on 26 victims — mostly senior citizens — and stealing their money, credit cards and identification.

According to a report in The Tacoma News Tribune, Pouncey would prey on her victims by conning them into letting her into their homes where she then stole their purses and wallets.

The length of Pouncey’s sentence was influenced by 17 previous felony convictions and the number, age and vulnerability of her victims reported The Tribune.

There are many scams that target elderly and vulnerable people The AARP shows that one in four Washington adults are victims of fraud at one time or another. Identity theft, investment schemes, fake charities and bogus sweepstakes are all types of fraud against some of our most vulnerable citizens.

To report elder abuse or neglect to a vulnerable adult, you can contact the Department of Social and Health Services at 1-866-ENDHARM.

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