Woman paid $1.8 for medical malpractice due to heart condition misdiagnosis

A woman was paid $1.8 by an insurance company after a Newport News jury awarded her $4 million for her medical malpractice case. The judgment was originally $4 million against Dr. David Glick but it was reduced because of Virginia’s medical malpractice caps reports the Daily Press.

Leslie Thorne sued her doctors after a series of misdiagnosis of her heart condition caused her to have a heart transplant. In her suit, Thorne claimed that had her condition been diagnosed properly at the onset, she could have been successfully treated with medication.

Thorne, who was 25 at the time, originally went to the Sentara Port Warwick Emergency Room four months after she gave birth to a baby. Her presenting symptoms were shortness of breath, chest pains and coughing. X-Rays showed that she had an enlarged heart. She was misdiagnosed with bronchitis. On another visit to a physician, she was diagnosed with having a virus. Later, she was diagnosed with hepatitis.

Thorne actually suffered from a rare heart condition brought on by child birth. By the time she got a proper diagnosis, her condition had deteriorated so much that she required a heart transplant. She now has to take daily anti-rejection drugs and will probably require another heart transplant in the future.

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