Woman files wrongful death lawsuit after semi truck accident kills her father, son

Melissa Hinkle has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after her 13-year-old son, Casey and her father, Gervious Dale Hinkle, were killed in a motor vehicle accident over the 4th of July weekend. Melissa Hinkle also received injuries so severe in the same accident that she spent five days in the ICU.

According to KTEN.com, the Hinkle and the members of her family were on Interstate-35 just South of Gainesville when they slowed down in a construction zone. A 18-wheel semi-truck slammed into their SUV, killing Casey and Gervious. A few weeks later, in an almost identical accident, three more people were killed in a semi-truck accident in the same construction zone.seattle wrongful death attorney
Hinkle’s wrongful death lawsuit names five defendants including the truck driver, the trucking company, and the construction company that has the contract to repair the interstate, and the Texas Department of Transportation.

Hinkle’s attorney, Steven Laird, says, “What makes it so tragic is that it was preventable.” Laird contends that the Texas DOT did not have an adequate safety traffic control plan.

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