Woman convicted of vehicular homicide in I-5 overpass crash death

Kaylin Burgett, age 23, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison in the vehicular homicide death of Jeremy Cole, age 26. Burgett entered an “Alford plea” which allows her to acknowledge that there is enough evidence for a conviction in her case but she did not admit guilt.

Burgett was driving a Honda two years ago with Cole as a passenger when she crashed through a guardrail off of Interstate 5 in Olympia and landed upside down. Cole was killed at the scene.

Vehicular homicide
can be charged when a person is killed in an automobile accident and the driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs.

In this case, it will be interesting to see whether Cole’s family will file a wrongful death suit against the bar in Lacey, Pints and Quarts, that served Burgett. When representing victims of drunken drivers and their families, a DRAM shop claim may be made if a tavern, liquor store, restaurant or bar servers alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person which subsequently results in the death of a third person. Dram shop liability can vary from one state to the next so it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help you with your case.

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Information for this article is from The Olympian.

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