Woman burned by hot wax at beauty salon awarded $100,000 settlement

The Connecticut Law Tribune reports that Debbie Becker, a woman who was burned by hot wax at a beauty salon while getting a “Brazilian wax” treatment, has settled her negligence lawsuit for $100,000.

According to the report, Becker contracted with the salon to remove her pubic hair in a procedure commonly called “Brazilian wax” or “bikini waxing.” During the waxing process, the technician allegedly allowed wax to spill onto the plaintiff’s labia which caused burn injuries.

Becker was treated at an urgent care facility and she suffered significant pain during urination, sitting and also had to refrain from sexual activity. Her medical bills were $750 but her lawyer said she is still psychologically traumatized.

The lawsuit was settled in mediation for $100,000. Becker’s attorney, Pamela Levin Cameron, said that bikini waxing burn injuries may be more common than people might imagine but many women may be just too embarrassed to seek a legal remedy.

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