Woman awarded $1.8M for injuries sustained in Metro Access van accidents

A wheelchair bound woman who was seriously injured twice while being transported aboard King County Access vans has reached a $1.8M settlement with two sub-contractors who were responsible for her injuries.

According to a report by Levi Pulkkinen of the Seattlepi.com, the woman used Metro Access vans because she was disabled.

The woman suffered a broken femur in 2006 when the Access van driver failed to adequately restrain her in her wheelchair and she was thrown from the chair when the van made a sudden stop.

In that accident, the woman was awarded a $700K settlement after spending a week in a Renton nursing home.

In 2008, the woman was re-injured when the operator failed to insure that the woman’s wheelchair was properly on the lift platform before operating the lift. In that accident, the woman was thrown from her chair and suffered two broken legs.

The woman’s attorneys filed suit against two Access Van operators claiming that their negligence in caring for the woman caused her injuries. The woman is now mostly bed-ridden due to pain caused by her injuries. The woman settled her negligence lawsuits with Access Van operators, MV Transportation, Inc., and Solid Ground Washington, insuring that she will be taken care of in the future.

A negligence lawsuit can be filed if a person is seriously injured due the negligence or carelessness of another person. In negligence lawsuits, the plaintiff may receive compensation for actual damages but also for pain and suffering and for loss of income.

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