With a storm in the Cascades on its way, beware of hydroplaning

The first big winter storm of the season is on its way and traveling over the Cascades either via Interstate 90 or U.S. 2 could be treacherous. The National Weather Service predicts five to 8 inches of rain and a cold front which could reduce visibility and create some “ponding” on the highway.

Water on the highway can create a situation called “hydroplaning” in which a vehicle loses traction. In a hydroplane situation a vehicle slides uncontrollably on a road covered in water. It is important that if you feel your car start to hydroplane that you do not panic. Resist the urge to brake or accelerate. Braking can cause the rear tires to loock and your car to spin out of control. Sudden acceleration could also cause your vehicle to leave the roadway.

Do not use your cruise control in situations where there is heavy rain. During heavy rain, the cruise control may suddenly accelerate as the water slows the vehicle down.

Make sure that your tires have sufficient tread on your tires for winter driving.

Remember to slow down in bad weather and give yourself plenty of stopping distance.

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