Winter coats and child car seats may not be a safe combination

As cold weather descends upon us, parents tend to bundle up their children in thick winter coats before taking their child out. However, thick coats, buntings and snow suits may make your child’s car seat fit unsafe. The straps on your child’s car seat must remain fitted to keep your child safe in a car accident.

According to Jen Ellis, a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician

“It is unsafe to put a thick coat, snowsuit, or blanket on under the harness of a car seat,” Ellis says. “In a crash the coat would compress, making the straps too loose and possibly allowing the child to be ejected from the seat.”

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To check to see if a coat or a bunting is too thick, put the child in the seat wearing the coat or snowsuit. Adjust the harnesses to fit. Remove the child from the car seat and then remove the coat. Put the child back into the car seat and if the harness is loose — more than two fingers can fit under it — then the coat or snowsuit is too thick to be worn in the car seat.

Ellis recommends:

  • Tuck a blanket around your hcild after they are in the car seat.
  • Use a seat cover that fits over the infant and seat after the child is buckled in.
  • Buckle a child in, then put the child’s coat on backwards over their arms.

See the full article about keeping your child safe in their car seat during winter at About.Com.

Inspection stations are available to verify that an infant seat or booster seat is properly installed. In Bellevue, AAA Washington performs the checks. In Seattle, Children’s Hospital, Carter Motors, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic , The Car Seat Lady, and Swedish Medical Center perform the inspections. You can also check with The¬†National Highway and Transportation and Safety Administration¬†(NHTSA) for a list of other inspection stations near you.

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  1. Rosebud says:

    I rode many a mile in my parents car with neither injury nor loss of life. I think parents were more conscious of the cargo they carried with them. None of was left inside a car when our parents went inside to nap or to work and none of us died due to being left strapped like astronauts into a seat so we were “protected”. We were passed over the seat back when our parents wanted us out of the front seat.

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