Widow of hiker gored by mountain goat in Olympic National Forest to file wrongful death lawsuit

The widow of Bob Boardman, the hiker who was gored by a mountain goat in Olympic National Park last October, has filed three separate wrongful death claims in federal District Court in Tacoma asking for more than $10 million in damages.

The personal injury attorney representing Boardman’s widow, Susan Chadd, Boardman’s estate and her son Jacob Haverfield, claims that the park was negligent in handling the mountain goat that had a history of “aggressive behavior”.
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Boardman was gored by the 360 pound mountain goat after it followed him for about a mile before attacking according to the Peninsula Daily News.

The National Park Service believes that mountain goats may be hanging around hiking trails because they are attracted to the salts of humans sweat and urine. They are recommending that hikers urinate away from the trail.

Washington state has a wrongful death statute that allows the family of a person killed due to the negligence of another or entity to obtain compensation on behalf of their deceased loved one.

This family may find an uphill slope to battle to prove their wrongful death case. The basis of their arguments might be that the Park failed to respond to the threat of the aggressive animal, that the Park responded poorly to the incident and the National Park Service also allowed the goat population to grow in the Olympics where they are not a native species. However, most people going into the wilderness understand there are inherent risks including falls, getting lost and wild animals including bears.

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