Widow awarded $1.2 million in ‘failure to diagnose’ malpractice lawsuit

The widow of Michael Scarpa, 55, was awarded a $1.2 settlement after a Pennsylvania jury spent only four hours deliberating the merits of the medical malpractice lawsuit against Tyler Memorial Hospital and two hospital physicians who treated her husband.

The jury found against the hospitals and doctors Daniel Costner and Jeffrey Lubin negligent in the death of Scarpa who died in 1999.

Scarpa went to Tyler Memorial complaining of chest pains and vomiting on April 16, 1999. He was told to take cough medicine and see his family doctor. Scarpa died two days later and the autopsy showed that he had an ulcerated esophagus and the cause of his death was blood poisoning/sepsis caused by food entering his pleural cavity through the perforated esophagus.

The Times-Tribune Jury awards widow $1.2 million in Scranton malpractice trial
By Joe McDonald Published April 21, 2010
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