Ex-Whitworth trustee Thomas Delanty found guilty in bilking Bellevue widow of $150,000

A King Country jury convicted former Whitworth College trustee of bilking 82-year-old Nancy Huegli of Bellevue, Washington of $150,000. Tom Delanty of Tulalip was convicted of 26 counts of first and second-degree theft and abusing the trust of a vulnerable person. Delanty will be sentenced on December 12 and may spend as many as 4 years in prison reports The Seattle Times.

According to the report, Delanty gained Huegli’s trust and performed household tasks, errands and bill-paying, charging Huegli $120 an hour. Several other people have come forward and have filed civil lawsuits against Delanty for bilking them of money.

Delanty, a former trustee of Whitworth University, led Huegli to believe that he was a CPA, a chief executive and chief financial officer of Sawyer Development and Investment. He claimed he was well qualified to help Huegli and gained her trust

This case highlights a growing problem of elder abuse in this country. Police are seeing more of these cases of “undue influence.” Undue influence is when an person who is stronger or more powerful gets an elderly or vulnerable person to do something that they would not normally do. In the case of Huegli, she gave Delanty signing control of her checking account. Often the person in the power position will pressure the older person to act quickly and discourages them from asking their family and loved ones for advice.

For more information about this undue influence from a psychological point of view, you might want to read “An interview with Margaret Singer on Undue Influence” on the National Committee for the Prevention of Eder Abuse web-site.

Elder abuse can take many forms. Often, we represent cases in which patients living in nursing homes or assisted living situations have been physically or psychologically abused. We have also seen many cases of theft.

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