What you should do if you suspect a nursing home resident is being abused or neglected

We often get this question, “Someone I know of is being neglected or abused in a nursing home. What should I do?”

If the elderly person is question is not a relative, people often don’t think they should get involved. They often do nothing figuring that that it is someone else’s responsibility or they just don’t know what to do. The person might be a friend, a former neighbor, someone you have gone to church with or even a patient at a nursing home where you work. Sometimes, it is someone who works at the nursing home that suspects or witnesses the abuse or neglect but they fear stepping forward because they can’t afford to lose their job.

The neglect or abuse of an elderly person is everyone’s business. Since many nursing home residents people can not speak for themselves or they don’t know where to turn, they need the people around them to step up and make sure they are protected. Nursing home abuse is everyone’s business. If someone you know is being hurt, neglected or abused and you get the proper help for them, you might also be stopping it from happening from someone else.

What should you do? We suggest that you make an appointment to speak with a personal injury attorney who specializes in nursing home abuse and neglect. A nursing home abuse attorney won’t charge you for a consultation and they have the resources to bring in the proper authorities or to get the nursing home management to take action immediately. They will keep your identity confidential.

Elderly and vulnerable persons need to be defended and your concern and that of a qualified personal injury lawyer can protect them from harm.

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