What to look for in brain injuries

Car accidents, sporting accidents, a fall, or a bumping the head at the local hardware store are all accidents which can cause a brain injury and change how the brain works. A minor car accident, a nursing home patient falling out of bed, or a young soccer player heading a ball can may seem not to be serious accidents but they can result in life-altering brain injuries or even death.

What to look for after an accident:

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  • Monitor the accident victim — If a person has been in an accident where they have hit their head or their head has been bumped, even if they have never become unconscious, you should monitor them.
  • Dizziness, headache, confused thinking and vomiting are warning signs — if the accident victim displays any of these symptoms, take them to the emergency room immediately.
  • Monitor changes in condition — if the accident victim’s symptoms change — a head ache worsens, they become sleepy or any other change in their behavior within 12 hours of their head injury, they may have a brain bleed and they should be taken to the emergency room immediately.
  • Medication — Be more aware if the person is on blood thinner medication.
  • Senior Citizens — Be more vigilant if the accident victim is elderly or frail.
  • Monitor young athletes.
  • Take the patient to a trauma center — In the greater Seattle area and Washington State, Harborview Medical Center in Seattle is the place where victims of serious accidents are taken. Harborview has a neurosurgeon on call which is really important when a person has a head injury and time can be of the essence.

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