Wenatchee physician suspended from practice for prescribing human growth hormones

Dr. Kenneth M. Jones, of Wenatchee, has been suspended from the practice of medicine for 30 days after an agreement with the Washington state Medical Commission for inappropriately prescribing human growth hormones to two men.

According to the Medical Commission Jones also allegedly “abetted unlicensed practice of medicine by allowing unlicensed persons to evaluate clients, provide injections, use his name to obtain and use equipment, and use his DEA number to obtain medications” in association with clinics in Bellevue and Yakima.

As part of the agreement with the Medical Commission, Dr. Jones has agreed to stop prescribing hormones as an anti-aging treatment.

The medical commission also mandates that Jones’ license be placed on probation for five years.

Human growth hormones has been used to help some patients gain muscle mass and reduce body fat but the drug has been linked to joint pain and some studies suggest it may be linked to cancer.

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