Wenatchee car accident caused by red light runner

A driver who was “running” a red light caused a car accident and crashed into a vehicle driven by Kristen Kennedy of Rock Island who was on her way to Wenatchee Valley College to take her final exams. Kennedy complained of soreness after the accident.

The accident occurred at the corner of Ninth and Miller in Wenatchee when a Chevrolet Blazer headed south bound on Miller passed through the red light crashing into Kennedy.

According to The Wenatchee World, a five-month old infant was taken to Central Washington Hospital to check for injuries.

Stopping for a red light is a basic “rule of the road.” Even emergency vehicles such as ambulances and police officers make full stops at right before proceeding through a red light. Statute RCW 46.61.055 sets forth the rules of the road for traffic control signals. Penalties for running a red light can be stiff and police said the driver of the Blazer in this accident will be cited.

In a an accident like this where the victim complains of soreness, sometimes a claims adjuster will call immediately and offer a settlement. As personal injury attorneys, we recommend that you not speak to an adjuster and wait a few weeks to find out the extent of your injuries. What might appear as “soreness” right after the accident may turn out to be severe whiplash or even a fracture. Sometimes the shock of the accident masks the injury. Take your time before signing your rights away and seek medical treatment if the soreness is worse the next day. With our experience we find that people who seek medical treatment soon after an accident can avert developing a permanent medical condition.

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