Washington teen who killed woman hiker was hunting without an adult present

A few days ago we posted a blog about Pamela Almli who was killed by a bear hunter while hiking with a friend on Sauk Mountain in Skagit County, Washington. Since our original posting, a few more facts have come to light about the incident. The teen who killed Almli was 14 years old. He and a companion were hunting but there was not an adult present at the time of the shooting. Read our previous posting.

Almli was in a meadow when she was shot and was wearing a bright blue poncho. She had paused on the hiking trail to put something in her backpack. The young teen who shot her was approximately 120 yards away. According to the King5 report, the teenage hunter was licensed to hunt bears and had been hunting for five years. He was accompanied by a 16 year old companion. There is no minimum age for hunting in Washington.

According to the report,Skagit County prosecutors are trying to decide whether any charges should be filed. In the meantime, the family and friends of Almli grieve for her. She was a woman who was passionate about the outdoors. She left a husband, a son, two grandchildren and many close friends and relatives.

This case is on a lot of people’s minds. There are many avid hikers and hunters in the Pacific Northwest. People are asking how an accident like this could have happened on a popular hiking trail. We are sure people will be talking about this incident for a long time to come.

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