Washington State settles wrongful death suit for $1.75 million

Washington State has settled a wrongful death suit for $1.75 million with the family of an Omak woman who was brutally murdered in her own home several years ago. wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the four children of Marcille Robbins. Robbins was in her own home when Todd Marsh, who had been released from Eastern State Hospital, broke into her house and bludgeoned her to death with several household objects. The lawyer for Robbins children said that Robbins murder was “the worst he had ever seen in terms of sheer violence and brutality.”

The lawsuit claimed that the State should never have released Marsh from the hospital because he was clearly mentally ill and dangerous. He had been placed in Eastern State Hospital by Okanogan County mental health workers after he had said he was hearing voices and he was going to kill someone. The hospital released him in less than the 72 hour observation period without medication or a treatment plan. A few hours later, Marcille Robbins was murdered.

Marsh pleaded guilty to first degree murder and is serving a 60 year sentence. The report said that he takes heavy doses of anti-psychotic medication in prison.

Washington State has a wrongful death statute which allows surviving family members to recover damages in a civil action when a person’s death is caused by the negligent or wrongful act of another. In this case, the Robbins’ children — Janie Milbrandt, Tommye Robbins, Katheryn Petersen and the family of the late Gary Robbins — filed the suit shortly after their mother’s death. Their lawyer said that they filed the suit, not because they needed the money but to help make sure that no other family would ever have to” go through what they went through.”

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