Washington state proposes budget cut to nursing homes

In the latest go-round of budget manipulation in Olympia, the Senate has proposed a 93.8 million dollar cut to nursing home funding and the house as proposed a 99.9 budget cut. These cuts would most certainly increase patient-to-staff ratio and the fear of many is that, with increased pressure on nursing home workers, there will be an increase in nursing home abuse and neglect.

nursing home neglect lawyer seattleAs a microcosm of the cuts to nursing home, Kapp35 in Yakima aired a report featuring the
Grandview Health Care and Specialty Center which has already lost $20,000 a month and has had to cut back on staffing hours.

“We’re looking at whether we have to cut 240 hours a week of care,” says Harry Aubert, administrator of Grandview.

As a law firm that represents nursing home abuse and neglect victims in the greater Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and the greater Northwest, we see that most cases of nursing home abuse and neglect is caused by inadequate staffing, lack of supervisions and lack of staff education. We are concerned that the patients/residents will suffer due to these budget cuts.

Symptoms of neglect can include pressure/bedsores, malnutrition, errors in medication, physical abuse, dehydration and malnutrition.

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