Washington State Pharmacy board bans substitute cocaine and methamphetamine in guise of “bath salts”

The Board of Pharmacy for the Washington State filed emergency rules to classify bath salt products commonly sold in “head shops” that are used as cocaine and methamphetamine substitutes. The Board moved to classify these products as Schedule I drugs.

The U.S. Controlled Substance Act seeks to place certain drugs on schedules. A Schedule I drug generally has a high potential for abuse, has no accepted medical use, and lacks an accepted safety for use such as oversight by a physician. Drugs in this category include Ecstasy, Marijuana, Heroin, Mescaline and Peyote.
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The bath salts are sold under names like “Ivory Wave,” “Red Dove,” “Zoom” among others and contain stimulants. Users inhale and snort them like cocaine as they provide a stimulant high.

The Board of Pharmacy made this move after the Washington State Poison Center started receiving numerous reports from people who used the products and from emergency rooms. The chemicals included in these salts can cause increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, hallucinations, chest pains among other side effects. There have been reports of car accidents, homicides, self-mutilations linked to these drugs.

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