Washington State Pedestrian Safety Tips

More than 600 pedestrians have been killed in pedestrian-car accidents in Washington State in the past eight years. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission reported that 611 pedestrians were hit and killed by motor vehicles in the years between the years 1993 and 2000.

The motorist is not usually at fault when a pedestrian is killed. In the study by the WTSC, they found that in more than 500 of the pedestrian accident deaths, the pedestrian was in the auto’s portion of the roadway. While motorists must abide by the law, pedestrians should also walk smartly and avoid behaviors which risk their own safety.

Factors in Pedestrian Accident Deaths

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  • Pedestrian in the roadway — Two lane roads are the most dangerous for pedestrians. Of the 600 pedestrian accident deaths, 455 of the pedestrians who were killed were walking on two-lane roads. It is incumbent on pedestrians to walk off the roadway to avoid being hit. If the speed limit on the road is above 25 miles per hours, the chance of death is greatly increased.
  • Time of day — The time of day increases significantly the risk of a pedestrian being killed. Only one-third of pedestrian accident deaths occur during day light hours. Pedestrians should wear light colored or reflective clothing in the evening and night time hours. Pedestrians should also walk facing traffic, in lighted intersections, adhere to traffic signals and cross streets only in marked crosswalks.
  • Alcohol — In 25% of all pedestrian deaths, the pedestrian had a blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit for driving. Pedestrians who are under the influence may not make the smartest decisions in where they walk.
  • Age — The pedestrian’s age is also a huge factor in pedestrian accident deaths. Often the very young do not understand the dangers of where they are walking and small children are apt to run out in a street in front of oncoming traffic. The elderly also have a higher rate of being hit in pedestrian accidents because they are not as nimble.

Remember that pedestrian safety is every one’s business. If you are a pedestrian, make smart decisions about where you walk and make sure you look both ways, listen for oncoming traffic and make eye contact with motorists so you will not be a pedestrian accident victim.

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