Washington State Patrol may ticket drivers with snow on car for “unsecured load”

Bob Calkins, Community and Media Relations Officer for the Washington State Patrol says that the patrol can ticket motorists for “unsecured loads” if a motorist fails to clean the snow off of their car reports King5.com.

After a snow storm, it is not uncommon to see a vehicle with several inches to a foot of snow on their car. Motorists don’t realize that ice and snow on top of a car can pose a serious hazard and cause car accidents.

It is not unknown for snow and ice from a car top to fly off and crack another motorist’s windshield. Sometimes, motorists swerve to avoid flying snow and ice and cause an accident.

While you may or may not get a ticket, you are liable for any damages that snow falling from the top of your car causes. You can be found negligent and have to pay for another person’s damages.

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