Washington State Fire Marshall report “2009 Fire in Washington”

Washington State Fire Marshal Paul Perz announced the release of the annual report 2009 Fire in Washington. The report details the causes of the 59 fire fatalities in Washington state in 2009.

According to the report, there were 8.8 fire deaths per million in population. Most fire-related fatalities occur where people live or sleep with 70% of the fatal fires classified as residential fires.

The causes of fatal fires for 2009 are:seattle burn injury attorney

  • undetermined – 24%
  • smoking related – 17%
  • electrical appliances – 14%
  • intentionally set – suicide or murder – 10%
  • under investigation – 7%
  • meth lab or drug manufacturing- 5%
  • portable gas powered heating appliance – 5%
  • vehicle-related – 5%
  • cooking

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