Washington seat belt use up to 96.5%

Washington State Traffic Safety Commission just released a news release that finds — based upon their observational survey of seat belt use — compliance with seat belt laws is up to 96.5%. This is the fifth year in a row that seat belt usage has gone up.

John Moffat, Regional Administration of NHTSA’s Region 10 says:

In 1986 only 36% of vehicle occupants were using seat belts. In 2002 when Washington’s primary seat belt law went into effect, the rate was at 83%. Since then, year after year improvement has made Washington one of the top three states in the nation. “

The Traffic Safety Commission will now work with law enforcement and concentrate seat belt education programs to nighttime drivers. Traffic fatalities at nighttime are four times higher than day time and that is, in part due, to lower compliance to seat belt laws at night time.

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