Washington man killed in Idaho snowmobile accident

Seattle’s KOMO News reports that Shane St. John, 35, of Farmington, Washington was killed in a Idaho snowmobile accident.

According to the report, it appears that St. John was a victim of an avalanche. St. John’s body was found about 20 miles northeast of Calder, Idaho after a friend reported him missing.

Avalanches can occur wherever there is a slope with deep snow. There was 4 to 5 feet of powder snow on hard packed snow at the time of this Idaho snowmobile accident.

Snow mobile accidents are tragic and many of them could have been prevented had the operator received more safety training and exercised more caution.

The International Snowmobile Manufactures Association (ISMA) has launched a safety campaign which will kick off on January 16-22, 2011. They have 12 rules of safe snowmobiling:

  1. Avoid using alcohol or drugs while snowmobiling
  2. Be familiar with the snowmobile that you ride
  3. Operate your snowmobile at safe and reasonable speeds
  4. Stay on trails
  5. Avoid snowmobiling on unfamiliar frozen bodies of water
  6. Exercise caution while snowmobiling at night
  7. Properly maintain your snowmobile
  8. Be familiar with the terrain where you travel
  9. Check the weather forecast before you ride
  10. Wear proper clothing and a helmet when you ride
  11. Do not ride alone and let others know your planned travel schedule and route
  12. Carry emergency supplies and learn survival skills.

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