Washington legislature sends “golf cart” bill to Governor Gregoire

The Washington State legislature has approved Senate Bill 6207, which would allow cities and counties to allow golf carts to be street legal by authorizing the creation of golf cart zones. The bill now travels to Governor Christine Gregoire.

The legislature voted 44-1 to allow golf carts to travel on public roads with speed limits of 25mph or below providing they have reflectors, rear view mirrors and seat belts installed. The bill also provides that drivers must be 16 and follow the road rules. Drivers who licenses have been revoked will not be allowed to drive a golf cart on a public road.

The comments on the Washington Votes web-sites are not too favorable to the bill.

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0 responses to “Washington legislature sends “golf cart” bill to Governor Gregoire”

  1. Steve Ahmann says:

    Allowing Golf Carts on residential roads can be a good thing, BUT certain additional restrictions should apply. I believe that a cart driver should obey the same rules of the road that bicyclist has. These include: Obey all traffic signals, use of hand signals if there are no built-in turn and brake signals; daylight use only unless the cart is equipped with head and taillights, all passengers must have a seat of their own, no standing passengers in the back well, no drinking alcohol (that will be a tough one for many!), no driving stupidly! Otherwise, this is a good thing! Oh, by the way, I should disclose, we sell new and used electric golf carts! (800) 326-7406 Steve Ahmann of Pacific Power Batteries.com