Washington Governor Chris Gregoire serves jury duty

Even Washington Governor Christine Gregoire was called to serve jury duty. Gov. Gregoire served on Monday at Thurston County Superior Court. She was called for a criminal case involving theft, forgery and bail jumping.

Gov. Gregoire was in the prospective juror pool but she was not called to serve and she went back to work in the governor’s office after she was dismissed.

It is good to see the Governor performing her civic duty.

People are called to serve for jury at random based upon voter registration and driver’s license in Washington State. Once you’ve been selected, you are mailed a questionnaire that makes sure you are eligible to serve. To be eligible you must be 18, a citizen, a resident in the county you’ve been called to serve in and you must be able to speak and communicate in English. If you have a felony conviction, you must have had your civil rights restored.

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RCW 2.36.170 states that if you have been summoned to appear you must or you may be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

In Washington State, most jurors are paid $10.00 per day.

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