Washington Department of Health: more prescription drug related-deaths than car accident fatalities in 35-54 year olds

A Washington Department of Health study finds that more people in the 35-54 year old age group die due to accidental prescription drug overdose than in car accidents.

According to the report, prescription overdoses increased 90% between 2003-2008. The report cited 505 fatalities in 2008 due to prescription drug overdose. It also said that 646 people were hospitalized. Methadone is one of the most lethal drugs when taken more than is prescribed because it stays in the body even after the pain relieving effect is gone.
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Prescription pain medication can include methadone, OxyContin® and Vicodin®.

Prescription drugs can be especially lethal when people misuse and abuse them and when they combine them with alcohol.

It is important that physicians prudently prescribe pain medication for patients because the medications can cause physical dependence, addiction and overdoses lead to death.

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Prescription drugs more deadly than car crashes, state report says
Reported by Gerry Spratt
July 14, 2010

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