Washington court awards $40.1 malpractice for burned heart

A jury in Snohomish Superior Court awarded Paramjit Singh of Mount Vernon, Washington a $40.1 million settlement after a defective medical device burned his heart during surgery. Singh then had to undergo a heart transplant and is forced to take anti-rejection medication for the rest of his life and has other serious health complications including facing a kidney transplant.

Singh underwent a cardiac bypass surgery at Everett Medical Center in 2004 when a device manufactured by Edwards Lifesciences overheated, burning his heart. Singh’s heart stopped and could not be restarted. He had to be kept on a medical heart device for weeks until a heart could be found for a transplant.

Singh’s lawyers presented evidence to the jury that Edwards Lifescience was aware that the of a potential problem with the device since 1998 but did not recall the device or warn hospitals and patients. Of the damages, $8.35 were punitive. Punitive damages are not generally allowed in Washington Court but the allowed them because Edwards Lifescience is located in California where punitive damages are allowed.

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