Washington Burn Lawyer: Fireworks Accidents and Statistics

Fireworks go on sale in Washington State as we approach the 4th of July. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous explosives and should be left to professionals. Even your common place fireworks sold at local stands can be extremely dangerous and result in serious burns. Bottle rockets and sparklers are the most dangerous explosives with M80s and M100s “cherry bombs” as some of the most dangerous types.

Fireworks can cause permanent damage, can cause severe burns, loss of finger, hand or an eye and can even result in death.

According to the State Fire Marshal Michael Matlick, last year in Washington State there were 1,059 injuries due to the use of fireworks and 42% of these injuries were to children with no adult supervision. 49 of these were children under the age of 14.

Fire work safety tips:seattle fireworks accident attorney

  • Do not purchase any illegal fireworks such as M80s or M100s.
  • Only use fireworks where they are legally allowed
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Only adults should light fireworks
  • Store your fireworks in a secure location.
  • Use fireworks away from dry vegetation and grass that may be vulnerable to fire.

Do not allow yourself, your child or a neighbor’s child become a firework accident victim. Every year, our firm receives a call from someone who suffered a burn injury or serious injury like an eye injury due to fireworks.

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