Washington boating accident: 1 boy drowned and 2 missing on Nisqually River near Lacey

According to The Seattle Times, five-year-old Sean MCartney is dead and his 9-year-old brother, Cameron, and 32-year-old Bryan Pierce are missing and presumed drowned in a boating accident after the boat they were riding on flipped on the Nisqually River. The boat driver, Vincent Eric Farler of Olympia, is in jail and he may be charged with three counts of homicide by watercraft and one count of boating under the influence. Farler’s blood alcohol level was 0.193 percent after the accident. The legal limit in Washington State is 0.08 percent. None of the five people aboard the boat at the time of the accident were wearing life vests. State law requires that there be one life vest per person.

The accident occurred on the Nisqually River where Farler offered to give Erin McCartney, her two sons and a friend a ride on his flat-bottomed boat. Erin McCartney lives in Yelm and her husband is currently serving in Iraq. It appears that all of the adults were drinking beer and brandy. Farler was said to be turning “tight circles” with the boat when all five were thrown aboard into the fast running river. Erin McCartney and Farler were able to make it to the shore.

The Nisqually river is between 50 and 55 degrees this time of year and those exposed in the water can develop hypothermia very quickly.

Every year in Washington State, there are between 20-30 fatalities due to boating accidents. Many boating accidents are caused by the use of alcohol and it is a criminal offense to drive a boat while under the influence.

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