Vancouver girl requires 26 stitches after being bitten by pit bull dog

In a story that has been far too common in Western Washington in the past few months, an 11 year-old Vancouver, Washington girl, Elena Allison, suffered dog bite injuries to her mouth and face when she was bit by a neighbor’s pit bull dog on Saturday. The little girl had to have 26-stitches in her upper lip and chin to close up all of her wounds.

The dog bite incident occurred when Elena Allison was playing with friends when her neighbor, Mark Robinson, walked by with his pit bull dog named Presley. Elena asked Robinson if she could pet the dog that was on a leash. The dog went from being happy and friendly to attacking her.

Clark County officials said that Robinson voluntarily surrendered the dog to Animal Control services and agreed to have the dog euthanized.

We wrote about a Happy Valley girl who was attacked by a pit bull just a few days ago. And, in September, a 72-year-old Sea-Tacwoman, Huong Le, was viciously attacked by two pit bulls who “tagged teamed” her leaving her with serious injuries.

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