UW professor has medical license suspended after charges of prescription forgery and trading Rx’s for sex

In a News Release, the Washington State Department of Health reports that they have suspended the license of Dr. Leonard D. Hudson, a 72-year-old University of Washington professor for illegally prescribing painkillers to an addict in exchange for sex. The suspension means that Hudson cannot practice medicine in Washington until charges are resolved. Hudson, along with the woman he wrote prescriptions for, face criminal charges.
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Hudson holds an endowed chair in pulmonary disease research and is an adjunct professor of medical history and ethics.

According to the report, Hudson wrote numerous prescriptions for drugs like OxyContin, Zanax and Percocet to a 22-year-old woman on at least 30 occasions. He also wrote prescriptions to her friend so that the cost of them would be covered by the friend’s medical insurance. According to the release, he met the woman through an online escort service.

A Washington state Health Department spokesperson said:

“Hudson’s alleged prescribing practices put the patient at risk of serious harm by continuing to prescribe controlled substances to the woman knowing she was an addict.”

The DOH says that Hudson’s prescribing practices show “a lack of regard for patient safety and gross negligence.”

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