U.S. Senate hears testimony from patient with defective DePuy hip implant

As we mentioned in our Blog a few days ago, the Senate Special Committee on Aging was holding a hearing on the defective DePuy hip implant that was recalled in August 2010.

The Senators in the committee held their hearing and heard from a patient who, after receiving a defective DePuy hip implant, had a second, or revision surgery, to implant a new device. The patient that testified, Katie Korgaokar, had one of the serious side effects of the implant which is elevated levels of cobalt and chromium in her bloodstream caused by the metal-on-metal rubbing of the hip implant. In fact Korgaokar’s cobalt and chromium levels in her blood were approximately 1,000 percent higher than the average person.
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One notable thing that Korgaokar said was:

“In my mind, recalls were for dishwashers and cars, not body parts.”

Kargaokar went on to tell the Senate that she thought that any device placed in a person’s body had been thoroughly tested. In the case of the DePuy implants, they were approved by the FDA without clinical trials under FDA rule 510 which is a “fast track” process that allows certain similar drugs or medical devices to be approved without clinical trials.

Kargaokar told the Senators that she learned that her hip replacement surgeon was paid more than $600,000 in consulting fees from DePuy. She said, “”Although I would like to think these payments had no influence on my doctor’s decision to use the ASR, I will always have doubts.”

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