Unsecured load causes vehicle damage, no injuries on Seattle’s ship canal bridge

A lost load caused damage to several vehicles on Interstate 5 on the Ship Canal Bridge on Friday morning. Apparently, a steel ramp fell off of a semi truck and landing on the highway. According to a Washington State Patrol media release, approximately 24 vehicles ran over the ramp.

Fortunately, there were no personal injuries but several vehicles were damaged including flat tires, bent wheels and a fuel tank puncture to a pickup truck which caused a gas leak and fire.

Washington Vehicle Code RCW 46.61.655 — Dropping Load, other Materials — Covering, is a statute which covers unsecured or lost loads. It is also known as “Maria’s Law.” The statute provides that failure to secure a load is a second degree misdemeanor. The fine can vary from between $216-$5,000 and possible jail time.

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