University of Washington alumni sues fraternity for fall from window

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that a recent University of Washington graduate is suing his fraternity, Delta Upsilon International Fraternity, for medical bills for injuries he sustained after he fell 45 feet from his bed window onto a parking lot in April of 2005. In the lawsuit, Erik Anderson and his parents, claim that the Fraternity was at fault for failing to provide “a safe living and sleeping space.” Anderson’s top bunk had no guard rails and it was placed next to a window that swung out. The suit also claims that the Fraternity condoned underage drinking. Reports said that Anderson had been drinking the night of his fall at a chapter-coordinated party.

Luckily, Anderson survived the fall but he sustained serious and permanent damage to his arms, pelvis, lower spine and nervous system. He has had to undergo three years of physical therapy and his medical expenses are nearing $300,000 to-date.

The lawsuit names Delta Upsilon International and Caledonia Bay Builders both as defendants in the suit. Caledonia builders had installed the windows in the house shortly before Anderson’s fall.

We reported, just a few weeks ago, that a current UW student, Kevin McDonald, was killed on June 15 when he fell from his fraternity-house bedroom window to concrete below.

In cases we call slip, trip and fall, serious injuries are debilitating and sometimes fatal. The law states that property or business owners must keep a property free from any hazard and in a “reasonable and safe condition.” Negligence arises when the home or business owners does not exercise proper caution. In the case of these two tragic falls, one wonders if screening on the windows was present and whether the fraternity is trying to place too many beds in one room when a bed is positioned in front of window.

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