Underage driver kills jogger, injures child and others on Lopez Island

A 15-year-old speeding driver killed a jogger, injured a seven-year-old bicycle rider and injured himself and his passenger on Lopez Island around 3:30pm on Sunday evening in a series of accidents reports The Seattle Times.

Accident details are sketchy but according to the report in The Times and in the San Juan Islander, the 15-year-old driver was speeding when he ran into a group of bicyclists and seriously injured the young boy. He continued down the road where he hit and killed a male jogger.

The injured bicyclist was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment.

The teenage driver was airlifted to an unspecified mainland hospital and his passenger was airlifted to Harborview.

There are a lot of questions not answered in the two articles that we read. Was the teenage driver driving with a parent? Did he have a learner’s permit? What was his speed at the time of the accident? What did the teen’s vehicle crash into so that he and his passenger sustained injuries?

This is a terrible tragedy and we hope the police investigation will determine how and why a 15-year-old was speeding and imperiling the lives of so many. The teenage driver could face criminal charges including Vehicular Assault and Vehicular Homicide if it is determined he was speeding and driving with reckless disregard to the safety of others or if he was driving under the influence.

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  1. Ryan preston says:

    Paul was my co-worker and a friend. i am very sadden that this has happen and hope the investigation goes on to find out why this 15 year old was driving a way to fast car for most people, let alone a 15 year old. i would like to send out my prayers to paul’s family and let the world know paul was a great guy who loved the world and everyting in it. we will never forget your smile Paul RIP.

  2. Cousin says:

    the passenger was actually 17. and the passenger was wearing a seat belt!

  3. JO JO says:

    My Niece is the one injured by this 15 year old. She spent 3 hours in surgery to reattach her left ring finger and had pins put in her fractured wrist. They can’t say for sure that her finger will be okay, time will tell. My Sister and Brother in law and 5 year old niece saw Mr. Jaholkowsky hit by this boy. They are real people behind the headlines, dealing with a horrible trauma. Our Family only asks why isn’t this boy in custody (I dont mean his parents custody) BUT custody!! He killed a man, and maimed a 7 year old child. He made a choice, a bad choice, and he needs to be held responsible for it.

  4. Local Lopezian says:


  5. REPLY TO JO JO says:

    JO JO,

  6. KOMO News has updated this story. They are reporting that the bicyclist who was killed was a 7-year-old girl.

  7. Several people have left comments on this posting disagreeing with some of the facts as laid out in the blog.