Uncle critically injured, nephew seriously injured in dog attack

Paul Charles, 59,of Queets, Washington, was seriously injured and is intensive care after a vicious dog attack reports King5.com. His nephew, a 35-year-old man, suffered serious injuries when he came to his uncle’s rescue.

Queets is a community in western Washington near the Pacific Ocean at the northern edge of the Quinault Indian Reservation and about 40 miles south of Forks near Highway 101.

According to the report, Charles was walking past a home when three mixed-breed dogs broke through a fence and attacked him.

Charles’ nephew may have suffered permanent nerve damage to his hand but his actions may have saved his uncle’s life.

Quinault Indian Nation police put the dogs down. The owner of the dogs has been cited but may face criminal charges.

Dog bite victims
often suffer severe injuries including disfigurement, scarring, and permanent nerve damages. Often, victims require multiple surgeries to repair the damage.

The Revised Code of Washington 16.08.040 is Washington State’s Dog Bite Law and it finds that owners of dogs that attack are liable for the injuries their dogs inflict even if the dog was not known to be vicious. In additional to criminal charges, the statute supports victims in allowing them to file a civil suit to recover compensation for damages.

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