Two Senate Bills seek to protect nursing home residents from Elder Abuse

Two important bills for residents of nursing homes have just been approved by the Senate Finance Committee. Both bills seek to prevent nursing home neglect and abuse.

S. 1070 known as the “Elder Justice Act” amends the Social Security Act and resolves to “prevent, detect, treat, intervene in, and prosecute elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.”

Senate Bill S. 1577 the “Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act of 2007” requires screening, including a national criminal history background check, of employees who work directly with patients in nursing homes, long care facilities and other nursing facilities for our elderly citizens.

While most nursing homes are staffed with professionals, these bills try to insure that any one with a violent, sexual deviant or criminal history not be allowed to work with our most vulnerable citizens.

Abuse can take many forms but common symptoms of abuse include physical abuse, sexual abuse, bedsores/pressure sores, broken bones, dehydration, pneumonia, frequent urinary tract infections, and over prescribing.

If someone you care about has been abused, injured or even died due to nursing home neglect and abuse, contact The Farber Law Group, a law firm with more than 40 years experience in representing nursing home abuse and neglect victims and their families.

For more information, see our Nursing Home & Elder Abuse Resources.

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