Two passengers killed in suspected DUI car accident in Olympia

Two people were tragically killed and a third person was injured in an Olympia single car accident. The Washington State Patrol says the a 25-year-old Shelton man is being investigated for vehicular homicide in the accident as they suspect drugs or alcohol were factors.

Vehicular Homicide

In Washington state, if a person is killed in a motor vehicle accident and the driver’s blood alcohol content was 0.08% or greater or if the driver was driving recklessly or without regard to the safety of others, the driver can be charged with vehicular homicide under state statute RCW 46.61.520. Penalties for drivers who are convicted of vehicular homicide due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol fall in the range of 78-102 months in prison under a new bill just signed by the Washington legislature.

Seat Belts

Tacoma’s News Tribune reports that the two individuals killed in this car accident were not wearing seat belts. Safety belts are proven to save lives and prevent injury and prevent occupants. Seatbelts prevent an occupant from being thrown from a vehicle and they also spread the crash forces over the hips and shoulders which are some of the strongest parts of the human body.

DUI Accident Passenger Wrongful Death

Drivers who drive under the influence put everyone on the road at risk, especially their own passengers. If the driver in this accident is charged with DUI and vehicular homicide, he may be civilly liable under Washington state’s wrongful death statute for the death of his passengers. The family of the deceased may be well-advised to speak with a Washington state wrongful death attorney about the car accident and their legal rights to hold the driver accountable for the loss of their loved one.

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