Two nurses at Seattle Children’s hospital charged after medical errors

The Seattle Times reports that two nurses working for Seattle Children’s Hospital have been cited by state nursing-licenses authorities for “unprofessional conduct and violations of the standards of nursing practice.”

A News Release on the Washington State Department of Health web-site reports the following charges:

  • In May 2011 the Nursing Commission charged registered nurse Beth V. Yost (RN00156078) with unprofessional conduct. She allegedly administered medication without authorization from a physician to a baby that was being transported to a hospital. In this case, Yost allegedly falsified records and reported that a physician had given her a verbal order to administer the medication. The baby later died of natural causes.
  • In May 2011 the Nursing Commission charged registered nurse Linda Kimman (RN00143729) with unprofessional conduct. She allegedly failed to notify the physician of discrepancies between authorized administration of epinephrine and the instructions on the label, and failed to accurately document administration of the medication. In this case, the nurse administered the epinephrine intravenously per the physician’s orders even though she read that the drug’s label said it should be administered into a muscle.

A federal survey of Seattle Children’s was prompted after both of these events. Seattle Children’s Hospital has since made changes to their ground transport program because there was confusion about when nurses could administer medications without doctor’s orders. The hospital addressed 15 other “lower-level” deficiencies after the survey.

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