Two Construction Workers Seriously Injured in Bellevue, Washington Accident

Two Bellevue, Washington construction workers were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after being struck by construction equipment. The workers were installing guy wires on 118th Av SE when the accident occurred. According to KOMO news, “The hydraulic equipment that they were using to dig the hole malfunctioned, swung around and struck two of the five workers, seriously injuring them.” Construction accidents occur far too frequently and if they are the results of negligence, the injured person should contact an attorney who is experienced in construction accidents and worker’s compensation laws.

Construction accidents resulted in 87 deaths in Washington State alone in 2006 according to U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. In 13 of those 87 deaths, the workers were hit by a piece of equipment as in this Bellevue case. Worker’s compensation covers most injuries that occur at the work place. However, in the case of faulty equipment, the equipment manufacturer, installer or owner could also be liable for damages.

A worker in who has been hurt while at work should seek the counsel of a construction lawyer. Accidents like the one that happened in Bellevue can be very serious and debilitating. The cost of rehabilitation, loss of wages and the inability to work for a long period of time can have serious financial consequences to a family.

The Farber Law Group specializes in the field of construction site accidents in the Pacific Northwest. They are familiar with all areas of construction site law and can utilize their knowledge to help prove negligence or blame from third parties. Often a work place injury goes beyond the scope of worker compensation laws. They can insure that all OSHA workplace rules and regulations had been followed properly. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a construction site accident, contact The Farber Law Group, a firm that specializes in personal injury claims, who can help you receive all the compensation you deserve.