Truck driver killed in Interstate 5 accident near Federal Way

The Seattle Times reports that a semi truck driver was killed this morning when the semi truck he was driving hit a freeway sound wall and caught fire after he attempted to avoid a two-car accident that occurred in front of him.

The semi truck accident occurred early this morning around 2:30am on southbound I-5 at south 320th street near Federal Way.

The unidentified 68-year-old driver was driving a double tanker reportedly filled with gasoline.

This is a tragic accident and reminds us all what a dangerous job driving a tractor trailer can be. It is a reminder that semi trucks are harder to maneuver than cars and also take longer to brake.

The Department of Transportation closed down the highway because the pools of fuel kept catching on fire. In addition, there were small car accidents in the northbound lanes while motorists were distracted by the accident.

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