Trial of football coach in heat-related death of player ends with “not guilty” verdict

The trial of David Jason Stinson, the former Louisville, Kentucky high school football coach who was charged with wanton endangerment and reckless homicide has ended with a “not guilty” verdict.

Stinson had been charged after the heat-related death of offensive lineman, Max Gilpin. Gilpin died three days after he collapsed at football practice which was held when the heat index measured 94 degrees. Gilpin’s core body temperature when he arrived at the hospital was measure at 107 degrees. The prosecution said that Stinson pushed the players and Gilpin too far.

This case was significant because it tested whether coaches could be held criminally liable if a player dies during practice under harsh conditions. 35 football players have died of heat-related causes in the past 15 years.

Gilpin’s parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Stinson and five other coaches who were at practice the day that Gilpin died. In their suit, the parents claim that the coaches were negligent in not calling the paramedics immediately after Gilpin collapsed.

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