Traumatic Brain Injuries and Specialty Care

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is categorized as any trauma to the head that causes any sort of damage to the brain. In the United States alone over 1.5 million a year endure some sort of TBI and some 50,000 people die from a TBI complication each year. It is also estimated that over 5.3 million Americans currently live with a complication or disability that is direct result of TBI. Due to this large TBI rehabilitating population care and care facilities specializing in TBI, like CareMeridian, have become increasingly popular and necessary.
seattle brain injury attorneyAt the onset or first signs of TBI a number of important tests are preformed to determine the structure and functionality of the brain.

  • MRI and CAT scans produce images of the brain that detect physical damage that may have occurred during the accident.
  • EEG, SPECT or PET scan are used to observe the functions and activity of the brain.

After these tests are done the extent of the damage can be determined. Rehabilitation and recovery varies from individual to individual and case-to-case, however if recovery is possible the majority of it will likely occur within the first six months of treatment. Many cases require rehabilitative treatment. Usually this treatment consists of prevention of secondary complications, devising and providing devices and tactics for patients to utilize so they can function as normally as possible, aid in the restoration of lost abilities and functions and work with family members to implement changes at home that are deemed necessary for the patient to participate in normal activities.

Rehabilitation facilities also house a team of specialists including; a Physiatrist (a physician who specializes in rehabilitation medicine), a Neuropsychologist (a psychologist who specializes in cognition and behavior), a Rehabilitation Nurse (provides care and helps the patient adapt to an altered way of life), a Physical Therapist (aids patient in orthopedic problems), and an Occupational Therapist (aids the patient in daily task skills).

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