Tragic parking lot accident in Federal Way: elderly driver accidentally kills friend

In a tragic parking lot accident in Federal Way, a driver in her 80’s accidentally hit the accelerator of her car instead of reverse and hit and killed her friend who was also in her 80’s.

A report on reports that the pedestrian accident occurred in the Top Food and Drug Store parking lot at 31515 20th Avenue South in Federal Way on Sunday around 12:00pm. The two women had been shopping together and the driver accidentally accelerated as her friend was getting into the car.

Police said that no charges will be filed in the accident.

Elderly drivers face many challenges. Car accident statistics show that after 70 years of age, the rate of car accidents increases. Elderly people may experience decline in their health including slower reaction time, poor vision, and cognitive skills. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publication reports that in 1997 while seniors were 9% of the population they accounted for 14% of traffic fatalities and 17% of pedestrian fatalities.A Taskforce made up of team members of the Department of Licensing, Washington State Patrol and the Washington Traffic Safety Commission defined At Risk Drivers as:

Drivers whose behavior, physical or cognitive capabilities, or other traits present substantial risk to either themselves or others.

The Taskforce found that elderly and medically impaired drivers were a major problem area.

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