Toyota orders dealers to inspect floor-mats after fatal car accident

Toyota Motor Corporation sent the following “specific order” to Lexus and Toyota dealers this week requesting owners and drivers of Lexus and Toyota cars to inspect their floor-mats after a car accident resulted in the death of four people.

“We are instructing all of our Lexus and Toyota dealers to immediately inspect their new, used and loaner fleet vehicles and we urge all other automakers, dealers, vehicle owners and the independent service and car wash industries to assure that any floor mat, whether factory or aftermarket, is correct for the vehicle and properly installed and secured,” wrote¬†Brian Lyons, Toyota spokesman.

Toyota ordered the inspections after a fatal car accident in San Diego on August 28th. Officer Mark Saylor was driving a 2009 ES 350 Lexus loaned to him by his Lexus dealership and experts suspect the floor mat slipped forward and snagged the gas pedal causing acceleration which made Saylor lose control of the car. Killed in the car accident were Saylor, his wife, their daughter and Saylor’s brother-in-law.

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration investigated Saylor’s car accident and found that a mat that did not fit had been installed and was not properly attached to the floorboard.

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